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Do you want to be part of EIT Urban Mobility’s EU wide network?
We aim to create an Urban Mobility Scale-up Program to provide support for innovative mobility solutions not just in Turkey but also other countries in the region.
By integrating the program with other EIT Urban Mobility accelerator programs, business creation services and Urban Mobility Living Lab in Istanbul, we provide scaling up services for startups.

Program süresi


10 weeks long and startups from EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) region will be supported from idea to investment.


The training and events and the activities in the program will be online.


At the end of the program the participating startups will pitch their ideas in the final competition to investors from the region and will have more visibility in global networks by being a part of EIT Urban Mobility’s EU wide network.

Program Kapsamı

What we offer:

  •  Pre-acceleration trainings focusing on mobility domain
  •  Prototyping, testing and design supports
  • Mentors from both industry and academia
  • Connect4Mobility events to enable collaborations between corporates, startups and academia
  • Urban Mobility Workshops to analyze and address the needs and the bottlenecks of the local innovation ecosystem in this field
  • Advisory services in access to finance

Why Innomotion?

You can develop your start-up by benefiting from the academic experience of Sabancı University and the industry experience of Farplas.

By joining the EIT Urban Mobility ecosystem, you can access the international investment network and benefit from future support opportunities.

You can have the opportunity to receive training and mentorship from Sabancı University's experts and academics, as well as Farplas' managers and professionals who are experts in their fields.

You can get the chance to be part of the Better Future Path accelerator program that is carried out by Farplas / Fark Labs.

With Connect4Mobility events, you can get the opportunity to meet with the stakeholders of the urban mobility industry and introduce your initiative to the wide investor network of Sabancı University and Farplas.

Focus Areas

Shift to active modes of transport

The focus is on providing innovative transportation and mobility solutions in urban areas for more efficient and safe public space use.

Avoid negative health, safety, and environment impacts of urban mobility

This highly diverse and important challenge contains areas around electrification of vehicles, creating a safer environment for travellers within the city and, last but definitely not least: reducing air pollution.

Improve urban logistics with a focus on last mile distribution

The focus of last mile delivery is based on low carbon and low externality delivery to the final customer.

Improve public transport service provision

The focus is centred around improved operation of busses, trams and trains incl. interchanges such as inter modal hubs and Park and Ride stations. It includes improvement of the service provision with punctuality via traffic priority and digital ticketing.

Improve the quality of public space

The challenge is concerned with a variety of different ways taking space away from (mostly road) mobility infrastructure and enabling different usage of that area. Two of the core areas included, are the reduction and better management of parking spaces and making infrastructure more flexible.

Improve traffic flow management (incl. ITS)

The focus is on processing and producing mobility data, developing good practices related to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and managing service disruptions through efficient use of data.

Avoid transition barriers

It deals with the structural, administrative and political work to transform the institutions and organizations involved in the city administration in accordance with the future steps to be taken to improve mobility. It focuses on infrastructure works that support autonomous driving and solutions that encourage the use of other transportation vehicles by reducing the use of personal vehicles.

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